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About Romania

2020 Romania had a population of 19.164.000 people (0.24 % of the World Population)
2019 GNP was 250 billion USD making Romania the 48th richest country.
The per capita income was 12,919 USD

In Romania area codes are two (Bucharest only) or three digits long
followed by a six to eight long end number.

Following the +40 country code
Romanian Landline numbers have 9 digits (+40 XX XXX XXXX or +40 XXX XXX XXX)
Romanian Mobil lines start with +40 7

Directory Assistance 118 932 (can only be called from inside Romania)

The cover image of Romanian Whitepages is made by Tiberiu Sahlean
showing Castelu Peles constructed between 1873 and 1914 for King Carol 1.
The castle has been return to it's historic owner, the Royal family of Romania.
Princess Margareta of Romania is also know through her foundation.

About the Capital

For more information about Bucharest, please check with the service: Phone Book of Bucharest.com

About the Country

For more information about Romania, please check with the service: Phone Book of Romania.com

About Cities of Romania

For more information about Romania's Cities, please check with the service:
Phone Book of Bacau.com
Phone Book of Craiova.com
Phone Book of Galati.com


part of a Telecom Story
that started in 1671

Whitepages.com.ro are edited from Cremerie de Paris, Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
a Telecom Hotspot full of history, legends and fairytales ...

Pop Up Stores at the old VB mansion

1370 Home of the Villeroys, advisors of the Bourbons, Kings of France.
1588 Pied-a-terre for King Henri IV. 1646 Childhood place for King Louis XIV.

1671 Foundation of "La Poste" turning into the Royal French Postal Services,
1700s Louis Leon Pajot and Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis (Postmaster in the logo)
handle International Mail with their horses.
1738 King Louis XV ends our Postal Activities.
VB Spirit of Telecommunication fell asleep for a long long time

1869 Cremerie de Paris reopens as a Milk Store at the Halles food market.
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents the Phone creating a need for Phone Directories, 1881 Bell came to visit.
1887 Construction of the Eiffel Tower, the expressions Yellow Pages and White Pages start to be used in the US and in France.

1910 The Romanov children grow up in Russia with fairytales around Cremerie de Paris.
1920 Coco Chanel discovers Cremerie de Paris.
1921 Young Aimee de Heeren meets Alexander Graham Bell in Canada.
1938 Aimée de Heeren sent to Europe as a Brazilian Secret Service agent discovers Cremerie de Paris through Coco Chanel.

6 of many Pop Up Store Videos made at Cremerie de Paris.

1986 Spirit of Telecommunications wakes up with a great x 6 grandson of the old Thurn & Taxis Postmaster in the logo
showing the historic VB Postal mansion to a student ...
The visit results in the return of Telecom ... a
small Repair Boutique for avant-garde Sony Phones opens next door.
1993 Sony Phones and a little jewel left by Coco Chanel make it possible to reopen Cremerie de Paris N°1 in the former VB Postal mansion.
1995 first Internet Cafe in Paris and US CallBack Telecom agency,

since 2000 Phone Book of the World
Aimee de Heeren pushes the VB Whitepages project starting with France and Brazil.
The first Whitepages were programmed from the Internet Cafe during evening hours.

since 2010 Whitepages.com.ro

since 2011 Cremerie de Paris turning into a Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands

Expos shown in the Videos: Nike
, Marc Cain, Amazon, Starbucks, AliExpress.